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Improve "Number of locations" on Institutions page



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      Purpose: In Settings > Locations > Institutions, we don't have enough information displayed to really help libraries manage whether a value can be changed or deleted.

      Right now, we show a count of the number of locations, with no link.

      Instead, we want to show the number of campuses associated to the institution, with a link to those records, to make it faster for the institution to get to the records they might need to change.

      User story statement(s):

      As a FOLIO admin who wants to delete an institution,
      I want to see whether the value I want to delete is in use
      So I understand why deletion is prevented and how much work I need to do to migrate records so I can delete

      As a FOLIO admin who wants to delete an institution,
      I want to be able to quickly access the list of records using the controlled vocab value I want to delete
      So I can edit them to use a different value


      1. Scenario:
        • Given Settings > Tenant > Locations > Institutions
        • When an institution is displayed
        • The "# of Locations" column should be replaced by one labeled "# of Campuses"
        • Column should display count of campuses associated to the institution in that row
        • The number of campuses in the column should be a link to a pre-filtered view of Settings > Tenant > Locations > Campuses showing only those campuses in the institution

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