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Tags autosuggest subsort needs tweaking



    • Prokopovych


      Missed the Q3 cutoff, so moving this to a separate bug. See STSMACOM-1133, scenario 8 for the original text.

      Overview: When FOLIO autosuggests tags, the existing tags in the central tag list shoudld display with these criteria:

          • Auto-suggest looks for the typed string no matter where it appears in the existing tag
          • Any existing tags that start with the string should be presented at the top of the list in alphabetical order, followed by existing tags that have the string embedded in them, also in alphabetical order
            #The first portion is working, but the sort order is not quite right

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-stable as diku_admin
      2. Find a user
      3. Start to add tags to a user; include tags that have a repeating text string at the start and in the middle/end of the tag (e.g. urgent, urgent-2, urgent-3, i-said-not-urgent, maybe-urgent, less-urgent, noturgent, etc)
      4. Remove those tags from the record. (That way they will be in the central tag list, but not assigned to the specific record)
      5. Begin to type the text string that repeats in the tags (e.g. urg)
      6. That should cause the various auto-suggest options to display in the list under the tags already assigned to the record.

      Expected Results: Existing tags that begin with the text string show first in the auto-suggest list, in alphabetical order. After them, any tags with the text string anywhere else in the tag show below those, in alphabetical order.

      Actual Results: Tags that begin with the text string show first, in alpha order. Tags that do not being with the text string are gathered below the first group, but seem to be showing in reverse alphabetical order, instead of regular alphabetical order.

      Additional Information: See attached video

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