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Remove unused tags from the assign tags dropdown list and filters



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      Purpose: To remove unassigned tags from the central tag list, so that typos do not persist in the dropdown list users see when assigning tags

      As a staff person
      In the list of possible tags to assign to records, I only want to see tags that have previously been assigned to records, or ones I am newly creating at that moment
      So that unassigned tags (often typos) do not clutter the tag list

      NOTE This may need to be adjusted when we get to Tags-Central Management (UXPROD-775) if a library chooses to create centralized tags that are not yet assigned to any record


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the tags dropdown list a user sees when assigning tags or filtering by tags
        • When the user views the list
        • Then delete (remove) tags that have not been assigned to any record in any app (i.e. remove them from the central tag list)
        • Which means that every tag showing in the dropdown is assigned to at least one record in the FOLIO tenant
      2. Scenario 2
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

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