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When printing a record, print its tag data as well



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      Purpose: To output tag data along with all the rest of a record's data.

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to print tag data along with all the other data elements of a FOLIO record
      So that I can have access to all data associated with a record.

      Tags are labels that can be assigned to individual data records in various FOLIO apps. Tags are used as a visual indicator in the record, to gather records in some way, and to facilitate reporting. This is a cross-app “helper app,” similar to how the Notes app is envisioned. However, unlike notes, the tags need to be easily accessible as part of the record for filtering and output purposes.

      The tags app should be applicable to any type of record in various FOLIO apps, including, but not limited to: users, instances, holdings, items, order lines, vendors, ledgers, funds, budgets, and the like. For proof of concept, we started with User records.

      1. Scenario
        • Given the individual tags assigned to a record
        • When the users prints the record
        • Then print all tags along with the rest of the record

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