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A long result list is being cut of, and does not display list in full screen



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      Overview: A long result list is at first shown in full screen, but coming back to the list, then only partial list, and a lot of white, even that the list is much longer.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Codex Search
      2. Search in both sources: Local and KB
      3. Search on Title: Arctic
      4. Click on the one instance from Local (Inventory): Arctic from A to Z, and view this in Inventory
      5. Click on the back arrow

      Expected result:
      I will get the same view of the result list as before clicking on the given title

      Actual result:
      I get only a partial list, with a lot of white space below the list. The white space stays there even when scrolling up/down.

      See screencast: https://screencast.com/t/WeNnVOhiI4wd

      Other observations:

      1. If doing the same search and click on a KB title - then the same thing with the white space happens. Please note, here there is an error message in the result list in eHoldings - see:
      2. If using click on the Codex App button to get back from detailed view of the search result, then also the same thing with white space appearing is happening.

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