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POL lookup by vendor ref number for invoice line is not working



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      Overview: When editing an invoice line to lookup a POL to link to it

      1. the POL lookup by vendor ref number is not working
      2. and the vendor ref number does not display in the POL details when lookup is by title, POL, vendor, etc

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Juniper bugfest
      2. Go to the Invoices app
      3. Find invoice 267908
      4. Click on invoice line 1 (for Philip C. Jessup...) and edit it
      5. Copy either of the vendor reference numbers to your clipboard
      6. Click POL look-up and paste the vendor reference number into the search box
      7. Delete the vendor ref number from the search box, and search on philip instead
      8. Delete philip from the search box, and search on 16208-1 instead

      Expected Results:

      1. Any of the 3 searches (vendor ref number, philip, or 16208-1) should retrieve POL 16208-1
      2. Two vendor ref numbers should display in the vendor ref number column of the search results

      Actual Results:

      1. title and POL lookups work, but vendor ref number does not
      2. once the POL is retrieved, the vendor ref number column is blank in the search results, even though the POL has vendor ref number(s) in it

      Additional Information: See attached video

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