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Check the date picker in orders and invoices



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      Overview: Invoice date and expected received dates entered in Iris bugfest for Day x were saved as Day x-1. Maybe the date picker is not respecting localized time zone? Iris Bugfest is set to US ET so currently UTC-4

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Iris Bugfest
      2. Go to the Receiving app
      3. Create and save some expected pieces with an expected receipt date, using the date picker. Note the expected day and month.
      4. After the pieces are saved, doublecheck the expected receipt date
      5. Go to the Invoices app
      6. Create and save a new Invoice, Assign an invoice date by using the date picker. Note the invoice day and month
      7. After the invoice is created, doublecheck the invoice date

      Expected Results: The displayed date should match the date that the user selected via the date picker

      Actual Results: In Bugfest, the user-selected date was one day later than the date showing in the saved record. Per TLPatton

      • Example 1: Invoice date 04/06/2021 was entered in Calendar modal as 04/07/2021.
      • Example 2: Expected receipt dates 05/31/2021, 08/31/2021, & 11/30/2021 were entered in Calendar modal as 6/1/2021, 9/1/2021, & 12/1/2021.

      Additional Information: See attached screenshots from Tracy. Maybe this is an issue with the date picker in general?

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