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Create Settings > Remote storage > Returning workflow preference



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      Purpose: To create a setting in remote storage to allow for users to select where an item is scanned (remote storage or FOLIO) when an item reaches remote storage

      User story statement(s):

      As a librarian,
      I want to choose which system items will be scanned into when the item reaches remote storage 
      so that our workflows match the systems workflows


      1. Scenario:
        • Given Settings > Remote Storage
        • When I configure my settings
        • Then there is a new setting section called Returning workflow preference with the following selections:
          • Select
          • Items received at remote storage scanned into FOLIO
          • Items received at remote storage scanned into CaiaSoft
      2. Scenario:
        • Given the new setting, Returning workflow preference
        • When I hover over Returning workflow preference
        • Then the following description appears: Select the System items are scanned into upon receipt at remote storage.
      3.  Scenario:
        • Given the new setting, Returning workflow preference
        • When I select Items scanned into FOLIO
        • Then the following workflow is triggered
          • When a remote item is checked-in (via FOLIO) to the service point (remote storage) associated with it's effective location, item is available and the notification is sent to Remote Storage System indicating that item is expected to be stored. The status becomes Available (FOLIO to CaiaSoft).  Then the item then goes to Refile. 
      4. Scenario:
        • Given Returning workflow preference
        • When I select Items scanned into Remote storage
        • Then the following workflow is triggered
          • The item arrives at the remote storage facility. The item is scanned to refile in Remote storage. 
          • Item scanned to refile prompts CaiaSoft to tell FOLIO the item is available again via API. Most of the time the item will return to the shelf.
      5. Scenario:
        • Given the new setting
        • When I make a selection of Items received at Remote storage scanned into FOLIO OR items received at remote storage scanned in to CaiaSoft
        • Then I can successfully save the configuration AND the confirmation "Are you sure you want to save the remote storage configuration?" appears
      6. Scenario:
        • Given the new setting
        • If I leave the dropdown on Select AND click Save
        • Then the configuration will not save successfully AND a toast will appear saying "Returning workflow details must be selected to save configuration."
      7. Scenario:
          • Given a remote storage configuration
          • When I select Edit from the Actions drop down
          • Then I am able to select or deselect either option


      Note: Work for implementing Items scanned into remote storage will occur in a separate feature. 
      Элементы, полученные на удаленном хранилище, отсканированы в CaiaSoft


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