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"Sort results by barcode" does not sort properly



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      When testing MCL sorting in the request app, testers encountered a situation when sorting by barcode where requests without a user barcode were not sorting correctly (interspersed with other request where a patron barcode value was present.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some Juniper Bugfest
      2. Go to the Requests app
      3. Filter by request status "Closed - Cancelled"
      4. Attempt to sort the results descending by "Requester Barcode"

      Expected Results:

      Results are sorted, descending, by requester barcode, with empty values sorted appropriately.

      Actual Results:

      Records with empty requester barcode values are intermixed with records where a requester  barcode is present.

      Additional Information:

      May be worth taking a look at the general sort accuracy, as well, just to make sure.

      URL: https://bugfest-juniper.folio.ebsco.com/requests/view/a1e7d32a-2ac3-41b7-a1d0-fe85cf0cf427?filters=requestStatus.Open%20-%20Not%20yet%20filled%2CrequestStatus.Open%20-%20Awaiting%20pickup%2CrequestStatus.Closed%20-%20Cancelled&mode=duplicate&sort=-requesterBarcode%2CrequestDate

      NOTE: Per discussion on CIRCSTORE-286, this is being caused by a mismatch in what the /circulation/requests endpoint returns and what /request-storage/requests returns and can query on. /circulation/requests takes the response from /request-storage/requests and augments it with current information from /users (in this case), but the record sorting is done by the storage module, which uses it's locally-stored copies of the data. Until data sync is developed for user data in requests, there is no way to resolve this issue.

      Interested parties:

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