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View & reorder requests (first accordion)



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 129, EPAM-Veg Sprint 130
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    • Vega
    • Lotus R1 2022


      Purpose: To allow the viewing and reordering of the Requests queue

      User story statement(s):

      As a library staff person that works with requests,
      I want to be able to view and reorder the request queue
      so that I can ensure requests are filled in the correct order.


      • Scenario:
      •  Scenario:
        • Given a request successfully placed 
        • When I select View requests & reorder from the Actions dropdown
        • Then I am brought to a unified requests queue called Request queue on instance
      • Scenario:
        • Given the Request queue on instance page
        • When I view the page
        • Then I see the following
          • Header = Request on instance • [Title /Author]
          • Subhead = Instance: [Title /Author]Publisher, publication date
          • Accordion = Fulfillment in progress
            • Table column headers = 
              • Status
              • Item barcode (hyperlink to Item record)
              • Request date
              • Request status
              • Pickup/Delivery
              • Requester
              • Requester barcode (hyperlink to User record)
              • Patron group
              • Type
              • Enumeration
              • Chronology
              • Volume
              • Patron comments
          • Accordion = Open - Not yet filled (see UIREQ-644
      • Scenario:
        • Given the Request queue on instance page
        • When I view the page and there is no data to display in either accordion's table
        • Then the accordion is collapsed
      • Scenario:
        • Given the collapsed accordion called Fulfillment in process
        • When I open the accordion
        • Then I see the following message "There are no requests in fulfillment."

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