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Request queue figures are not accurate in Move Request dialog



    • Core: F - Sprint 102, Core: F - Sprint 103
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    • Q3 2020 Bug Fix
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      Overview: Request app - Number in "Request queue" column when moving a request is not correct When we look at the overview of open requests on items in an instance we can see accurate totals in the request queue. The same is evident when we open each item to see the requests. But when we want to move a request the column with "request queue" shows another number (generally lower, and sometimes 0). Please see attached file for more details and screen shots.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log in to Goldenrod and/or Honeysuckle Bugfest.
      2. Find a single instance record with multiple items (e.g. A Crack in the spine :prehistory and ecology of the Jimi-Yuat Valley, Papua New Guinea)
      3. Ensure that all items are checked out.
      4. Add several recall requests to each item.
      5. Open the Requests app.
      6. Search for the title from step 2.
      7. Open a request for that title.
      8. In the actions menu, select "Move request".
      9. Check the number in the "Request queue" column against the number on the item record.

      Expected Results:
      The number in the "Request queue" column should match the number in the "Requests" field in the item record.

      Actual Results:
      The number in the "Request queue" column does not match the number in the "Requests" field in the item record. It is often lower, and many times 0.

      Additional Information: Behavior originally reported by Chalmers, but verified in Bugfest environments (both Honeysuckle and Goldenrod). Screenshots of initial report and troubleshooting in attached file.

      URL: https://chalmers.folio.ebsco.com/
      https://bugfest-goldenrod.folio.ebsco.com/ (same release as Chalmers)

      Interested parties: Vardeh

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