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Can't duplicate a closed request



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      Overview: The work on request duplication was done a long time ago (see UIREQ-166). I have only now realized that you can't duplicate closed requests. I am not sure if this ever worked. I tested in BugFest Goldenrod and it isn't supported there. Still, the original story included duplicating closed requests so I am registering this as a bug.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio/folio
      2. Go to requests and filter to view closed requests (Closed - Pickup expired, Closed - Filled, Closed - Unfilled and/or Closed - Cancelled)
      3. Click to view the request
      4. Look for option to duplicate the request

      Expected Results: There should be an option to duplicate the request (per Kimie (see comment below) when there is only one action, the current pattern is to just display a primary button that says "Duplicate")
      Actual Results: There is no option available to duplicate.

      Additional Info: The actions normally available for a request are Edit, Duplicate, Cancel and Reorder queue. Aside from Duplicate, none of these options should be available for closed requests. Given that, I am not sure what the option should look like (just an icon? an actions menu with only one option?)

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