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'Phantom' automated patron block modal appearing after block has been cleared



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    • Q3 2020 Bug Fix


      Another update: I was doing another test case for the 'Maximum number of overdue recalls' block which is rather odd. Here are the steps:

      1. Reduced the limit so patron no longer exceeds the 'Maximum number of overdue recalls'
      2. Went to User Information for the patron and noted that the block is gone
      3. Pressed button to create a new request, receiving the "phantom" modal (see attached screen print)
      4. Went back to User Information for the patron and again pressed the button to create a new request, this time being allowed to enter a request
      5. Went to Check out and enter in the patron's barcode
      6. Received the "phantom" modal on borrowing, which has not happened before (see attached screen print Now-blocking-checkout.jpg)

      Update: I was just testing the 'Maximum number of overdue recalls' block and this happened again, but the empty block modal appeared for a different patron. Not the one who had the block cleared. Patron 111111111111 had the block cleared by having 1 item marked as 'claimed returned'. I then tried to do a request for patron 222222222222 and received the same error as attached. Patron 222222222222 never had any blocks. Very strange...

      Overview: This is a recurrence of an issue we thought was gone. While testing the automated patron block 'Maximum number of overdue items' for the Q3 2020 BugFest the error was encountered again.


      1. Login to https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio/folio.
      2. Create a situation where a user has one more overdue items than the limit for his/her Patron group, causing the 'Maximum number of overdue items' block to be in effect. (I set the limit to 3 and had a patron with 4 overdue items.)
      3. Mark one of the items as 'claimed returned' (via Loan Details), which puts the user at the limit, thus removing the 'Maximum number of overdue items' block.
      4. After pressing the 'Claimed returned' button in Loan Details, I went back to User Information and noted that the user no longer had a patron block.
      5. I then tried to create a new Request from within User Information.

      Expected results:
      Allowed to enter a request given the patron does not have a block.

      Actual results:
      The patron block modal appeared, blocking me from doing a request, but the Reason for block was blank. In other words, FOLIO knew there wasn't a block, but the modal popped up anyway. Here is the screen print...

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