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Add Request Date to the Request CSV



    • Core: F - Sprint 98, Core: F - Sprint 99
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    • Q3 2020


      Purpose: To add Request date to the Requests CSV report. This was requested by Mark Canney at Lehigh who says, "We have shifted our services in the COVID period to allow local paging, paging with curbside, and paging with delivery fulfillment method. So, we are paying attention to the use of these services during the various phases of COVID and administrators want to see the number of requests fulfilled (and which patron groups are using the services). Under OLE I would simply run an ad hoc query but FOLIO queries are more complex and I'm not there yet. The in-app reports are very welcome!"

      User story statement(s):

      As a library administrator
      I want to see the Request date (the date a request was created) in the requests CSV in app report
      so that I can see requests of different types created over time


      1. Scenario:
        • Given the Request CSV (generated by clicking the Actions menu "Export search results to CSV")
        • When displayed/downloaded
        • Then a new "Request date" column should display:
          • Display after "Request status" and before "Request expiration date"
          • Should display in the same date format as the other dates shown in the CSV
          • Should display the date the request was created which is visible in the request record here

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