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Switching service points doesn't always reset print pick slips



    • Core: F - Sprint 94, Core: F - Sprint 95
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    • Q2 2020 Hot Fix #1


      Pick slips are used for requests (page and hold) that need to be picked off of the shelf for a patron. Items that should be included are items at locations with an associated primary service point that matches the current user's selected service point.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Configure Circulation > Staff slips > Pick slip template
      2. Go to inventory and find a few available items
      3. For each item:
        • Note the effective location and each location's primary service point
        • Create new request by selecting "new" under requests
        • Fill out request form, specify a service point for pick up (doesn't matter where they'll pick it up for this test)
        • Save request
      4. Select a service point (SP) at the top right of screen and print pick slips for each SP:
        • Select a SP that's associated with requested items (through effective location to SP)
        • Select a different SP that's associated with other requested items (through effective location to SP)

      Expected Results:
      Pick slips will be previewed and printed for selected SP

      Actual Results:
      At the time of this test, there are 176 items for Crerar Library; 4 items for Eckhart Library; 143 items for D Angelo Law Library and none for Regenstein Circulation, 1st Floor. This is more than a few items and might be the first time it was tested with so many requests. Most of the time this works correctly; however, it seems that sometimes it doesn't refresh and if you select "Print pick slips for x library," you might get a previous SP's pick slips. I show several examples through screenshots of a SP showing another SP's pick slips. I noticed that if you wait a while and try again, it seems to print the right pick slips with one caveat, Regenstein always seems stuck on the previous SP selected. Perhaps there's a delay on the back end populating and/or repopulating this information for the pick slips?

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