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Performance issue with preview for print pick slips (front end fix which didn't solve issue)



    • Core: F - Sprint 94, Core: F - Sprint 95
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    • Prokopovych
    • Q2 2020 Hot Fix #1


      Pick slips are used for requests (page and hold) that need to be picked off of the shelf for a patron. Items that should be included are items at locations with an associated primary service point that matches the current user's selected service point.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Configure Circulation > Staff slips > Pick slip template
      2. Go to inventory and find a few available items
      3. For each item:
        • Note the effective location and each location's primary service point
        • Create new request by selecting "new" under requests
        • Fill out request form, specify a service point for pick up (doesn't matter where they'll pick it up for this test)
        • Save request
      4. Select a service point (SP) at the top right of screen and print pick slips for each SP:
        • Select a SP that's associated with requested items (through effective location to SP) selecting the Crerar service point
        • Select a different SP that's associated with other requested items (through effective location to SP)

      Simple Repro Steps for Viewing Problem in Bugfest:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-goldenrod.folio.ebsco.com/
      2. In the upper right of the screen, select Switch service point and select Crerar library (you can try other service points, as well, the problem is not SP specific)
      3. Go to Requests
      4. From the actions menu over the search results pane, select Print pick slips for Crerar library

      Expected Results:
      Pick slips will be previewed and printed for selected SP

      Actual Results:
      At the time of this test, there are 176 items for Crerar Library; 4 items for Eckhart Library; 143 items for D Angelo Law Library and none for Regenstein Circulation, 1st Floor. schwill reported that the preview for 172 slips takes 27 seconds to load. I retested this a few times and experienced 8 seconds for 176 slips each time. Is this acceptable? Perhaps my experience is based on my internet connection though?

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