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Intermittent Error Using User Search and Select Popup (Maybe Only on Second Request?)



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    • Needs further investigation to see if has backend impact, it looks to be related to other parts of the system than requests


      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into folio-testing as diku_admin
      2. Check out an item
      3. Go to Requests
      4. Click New
      5. Create a request for the item (I did a hold request and there was no problem with this)
      6. Checkout another item to the same user
      7. Go to Requests and click New
      8. Begin filling out the requests for using the item ID for the item you just checked out
      9. Click the magnifying glass to select a requester

      Expected: Should be able to select from the list without seeing any errors. Should not see the details panel displaying

      Actual: Get an error and see a blank details panel. See attached screenshot.

      Additional Info: Once triggered, this error seems to persist. I switched browsers (didn't want to clear my cache) and it worked again. But then when I tried a second request, I got the error again. Perhaps the key is that this occurs on the second request you create.

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