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BugFest: Requester details slow to populate (difficult to repro)



    • Core: F - Sprint 92, Core: F - Sprint 93
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    • Q2 2020


      Overview: This was discovered in Bugfest. I can't repro in snapshot

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log https://bugfest-goldenrod.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio/folio
      2. Go to Inventory and find an item
      3. From the item, click new request
      4. In the request record, use the requestor lookup to search for a specific user (I don't think it's relevant, but the users I initially selected had had requests created for them earlier in the day)
      5. Click on the user in the search results

      Expected Results: The requester info should display below and it should be possible to create the request

      Actual Results: The request info doesn't populate for many seconds or at all. Eventually, it may load and, once it does, if you subsequently select a different requester from the popup, then the details for that user populate quickly.

      After the first user was slow to populate, I selected a different one, then reopened the lookup and picked a third one. When I closed that one, there was an error on the request form. See the screencast for details.

      Additional Information: Screencast attached

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