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Proxy and requester switched on the request create form



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      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into snapshot
      2. Go to users and select an active user eg. Jettie Will
      3. Edit record and add a sponsor to Jetti's record e.g. Aiden Rodriguez
      4. This means Jettie can borrow on behalf of Aiden (maybe Aiden is a professor and Jettie is his teaching assistant)
      5. When defining the proxy relationship, make sure "Proxy can request on behalf of sponsor" = yes
      6. Now go to Inventory and find an item
      7. From the pane header dropdown, select Create request
      8. In the request create form, select Jettie Will as the requester
      9. You will get a popup saying "borrow on behalf of self or on behalf of Aiden Rodriguez?"
      10. Choose Aiden Rodriguez

      Expected: After you make this choice, Aiden Rodriguez should be listed as the Requester and Jettie Will should be listed as the Proxy

      Actual: The name are switched

      Additional information: After you save the request record and look at it in View or edit more, the names are displayed properly so this is just a problem with the Create form

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