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Error reordering queue when I don't have Requests: Reorder queue option



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      Background: We have changed the Move request workflow so that when you are finished moving a request, the reorder queue page is opened. The challenge is that the original permission for "Requests: Move to new item" doesn't provide the ability to reorder the queue. I think we should provide that ability along with the Requests: Move to new item permission

      I am writing this up like a bug because it's easiest, but classifying as a story because this is a requirements change.

      Steps to repro:

      1. In folio-snapshot, as diku_admin, create a new user with only "Requests: Move to new item, reorder queue" and one of the following other permissions: "Requests: View", "Requests: View, create" or "Requests: View, edit, cancel" Do NOT give Requests: Reorder queue
      2. Set up a requests on an item in an instance that has more items (so you can move it)
      3. Put another request on another item in the instance
      4. Log out and log in as your new user
      5. Go to requests and open the pane header dropdown
      6. Notice that you have Move requests option and also Reorder queue (this is correct)
      7. Move your request to another item (choose one that has at least one other request on it)
      8. When the move is complete, you are left on the reorder queue page (this is correct)
      9. Now attempt to reorder the queue


      • Should be able to reorder the queue without error.
      • Rename permission "Requests: Move to new item, reorder queue" CB: Added on 2019-12-09
      • This permission should also give access to the Reorder queue option in the pane header dropdown. CB: Added on 2019-12-09 CB: Will have incorrect name "Requests: Move and reorder to new item" in the Q4 release but name will be fixed with the Q1 2020 release

      Actual: Get an error

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