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Attempting to duplicate request as user appears to fail, creates a request with no position and then breaks duplication for diku_admin



    • Prokopovych


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot
      2. As diku_admin, create a page request on an available item (I don't think the type of request or fulfillment preference actually matters for this bug)
      3. Duplicate that request while logged in as diku_admin just to prove that duplicating it works when logged in as this user
      4. Duplicate one of the requests with Hold shelf fulfillment (call it Request 1)
      5. Create a new user with Requests: All permissions (I created cboerema)
      6. Now log into folio as the other user (cboerema)
      7. Go to Requests and open Request 1
      8. Select Duplicate from the menu
      9. Pick a new requester
      10. Attempt to save duplicated request
      11. BUG 1: Nothing happens. No message.
      12. Close the duplicate form and search for all the requests on the item
      13. BUG 2: Note that the request you were just trying to create actually did create but it doesn't have a position in queue
      14. Log out and back in as diku_admin and attempt to duplicate Request 1
      15. BUG 2: Cant save duplicated request as diku_admin anymore


      • Should be able to duplicate requests when logged in as user with Requests: All permissions ("Requests: view, create" etc should also allow duplication and I believe they all suffer from this same bug)
      • An open request should always have a position in queue
      • Failure to duplicate a request when logged in as one user should not affect whether it can be duplicated by another user (it's crazy that this is happening?!)


      Additional info: When testing this, I came across some other issues

      • UIREQ-385 Wrong menus showing when duplicating request when not logged in as diku_admin
      • UIREQ-387 Creating request as user other than diku_admin results in "page requests not allowed..." message and then creates anyway

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