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Wrong delivery address selected when preference = hold shelf and then changed



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      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot
      2. Go to Users and edit a user and, under Request preferences, set them up with
        1. Delivery and Hold shelf both checked
        2. Select a Default pickup service point
        3. Make fulfillment preference Hold shelf
        4. Create two addresses and select one as the Default delivery address one of them (I had Home and Order and Order was the Default)
      3. Save user and go to Inventory
      4. Find an item record and create a request for that item
      5. Select your user as the requester
      6. Change the Fulfillment preference to delivery
      7. Note the delivery address is Home, instead of Order (BUG #1)
      8. Note the Home address doesn't display below the menu (BUG #2)
      9. Now try to save the record
      10. Note the validation "Please select an item" that displays below the menu (BUG #3) CB: This still happens if you save the record and the edit it and run through these steps.

      Expected: The Delivery address should be "Order" when you choose Fulfillment preference = Delivery since that's the selected default on the user record. The Order address should display below the menu. No validation should display saying you need to select something when something is already selected.

      Actual: See repro steps

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