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Barcode should replace folio ID when added to item record



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      Use case:

      • As a user who is looking at a request for an item with a barcode
      • I want to be able to see the barcode on the request
      • So I can copy it to check it in or do something else with it

      Background: In an earlier story, I requested that we add the FOLIO unique ID for the item in place of the barcode when the requested item didn't have a barcode. This is working great. I just realized in testing here at Chalmers that, when the ordered item is received, a barcode is applied to the item record. It would be really nice if, at that time, the item barcode would display on the request record.

      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot
      2. Go to orders and create an order
      3. Add a line item to the order
      4. Open the order by clicking the Open button
      5. This will create an item within the ordered instance and put item status On order
      6. Now go to the item with status On order
      7. In the pane header dropdown, select Create request
      8. Fill out request and save
      9. The request is created and, in place of the item barcode, the FOLIO ID displays as a link to the item record
      10. Now go to the item record and populated the barcode

      Desired: The barcode would replace the FOLIO ID in the request. If this is hard, let's discuss other options.

      Actual: The barcode still doesn't display.

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