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Errors when manually adding item from receiving



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      Note: After discussing this issue we have concluded that the best solution will be to update the workflow for create item and select location. This will provide a more permanent solution for Goldenrod release.


      • Remove the need for the "Add item" plugin by implementing a toggle that allows the user to tell FOLIO when to automatically create an item record for the piece.
      • Update location selection to simplify user experience and prevent system errors

      Acceptance criteria:

      In Chalmers Fameflower dry run, I'm testing receiving a piece for a print journal. I want to add an item to inventory while receiving.

      I'm encountering several issues here.

      When adding the item, I have to enter the location once more, even though I've already entered when adding the piece in advance.

      After having entered location, other already populated mandatory fields gets un-populated.

      After populating the mandatory fields again, I get an error saying "Item can't be created".

      Nevertheless, the item is added to the holding in inventory, but without populated barcode and volume fields. (Since I did not fill them in again, only the mandatory fields.)

      Please see screen recording. I've also attached HAR-file.

      I'm happy to go through this with dennisbridges as soon as possible, to see if there are settings that need to be changed.
      (My user has all permissions.)

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Login to Chalmers' FOLIO Fameflower dry run
      2. Go to Receiving app
      3. Find a POL for an ongoing order, for example 10627-1

      4. Klick Add piece and enter Caption, Select location (Location and piece format is already populated).
      5. Click Add item
      6. Enter a barcode, Select material type (Physical item), Volume, Permanent loan type (Journal issue loan)

      7. Expected behaviour: To have Permanent location pre-populated as this was populated when adding the piece.
      Actual behaviour: I have to use Location look-up to select a permanent location

      8. Save and Close
      Expected result
      To see the item in Inventory under the chosen location, with chosen barcode, volume, material type and permanent loan type.
      Also in Receiving app, to see the piece under Received, with barcode and volume.
      Actual result
      The form indicates that Material type and permanent loan types is not populated.
      Volume field is empty.

      9. I'm refilling in the mentioned fields again and click Save and Close

      10. Expected result same as under 8.
      Actual result
      Message "Item can't be created"

      In Inventory the item is created. (And if having remembered to again fill in Barcode and volume, the information is indeed saved to inventory.)

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