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Edit or receive piece from title view



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      Acceptance criteria:
      Given a piece has been added to a title
      When viewing the piece accordion expanded
      Then user clicking on ellipsis associated with a specific piece reveals a menu with the following options:

      • Receive
      • Edit
      • View details Not yet implemented so this will not be displayed

      Given the user clicks the ellipsis
      When user clicks Receive option
      Then the user is displayed the Receive modal (15-piece-modal.png below)
      AND when the user clicks receive the piece and item info is updated accordingly

      Given the user clicks the ellipsis
      When user clicks the Edit option
      They should be presented the Piece modal (13-add-piece-modal-save.png below)
      AND if "Must acknowledge receiving note" = true for title
      Then the should be displayed the receiving note and be asked to confirm or cancel action
      IF they confirm or it dose not equal true
      Then user should be displayed the piece modal so they can make edits
      AND click "save and close" OR "Receive/Unreceive" OR cancel

      Given the user clicks the ellipsis When clicking View details Then user is taken to full screen piece details view

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