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"Expected receipt date" in Title POL accordion showing wrong date



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      Overview: The field in the title view labeled "Expected receipt date" is showing the "Receipt date" from the POL instead of the "Expected receipt date" from the POL. Also when creating a piece the "Expected receipt date is being populated with the "Receipt date" from the POL instead of the "Expected receipt date" from the POL

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Create a POL for physical material with an expected receipt date of the end of the week
      3. Check "Manually add pieces for receiving" = true
      4. Open order
      5. Click Receive from order line
      6. Select title
      7. View POL details accordion "Expected receipt date" is blank
      8. Create a piece and receive it
      9. Create new piece

      Expected Results: When viewing the title the "Expected receipt date" is shown from the POL. When clicking add piece the "Expected receipt date" is populated by the same field in the POL by default. The user can change the date if desired.

      Actual Results: Expected receipt date on title record is blank until the POL "Receipt date" is populated. This date is then used to populate the "Expected receipt date" field when creating pieces

      Additional Information: see screen shots for clarification
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