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Receiving app does not support searching POLs without a prefix



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      Overview: If an order has a prefix assigned to it, the receiving app does not allow searching for that PO line without including the prefix. This is different from behavior in the orders app, where an order can be searched with or without a prefix included.

      This issue was raised by Michigan State University (currently on Honeysuckle HF #3), and reproduced on Bugfest Iris.

      Steps to Reproduce: (bugfest)

      1. Log into https://bugfest-iris.folio.ebsco.com/ as a user with permissions in the orders/receiving app.
      2. Open the Orders app.
      3. In the order lines search, search for 14059.
        1. Notice you get one result for lawmono14059-1.
      4. Open the Receiving app.
      5. Search for 14059.

      Steps to Reproduce: (folio-snapshot)

      1. Go to Settings/Orders/PO number/Prefixes
      2. Create an order prefix
      3. Go to the Orders app and create a PO and POL using that PO prefix
      4. Open the order
      5. Search for the POL in the orders app with and without the prefix (in Keyword and POL searches)
      6. Go to the Receiving app
      7. Search for the POL in the receiving app with and without the prefix (in Keyword and POL searches)

      Expected Results: You receive the same results as in the Orders app (one result for lawmono14059-1). Searching for POL in the Orders and Receiving apps in the Keyword and POL searches should be consistent, and as tolerant as possible (i.e. "contains" instead of "begins" or exact)

      Actual Results:  No results found. You need to search lawmono14059 (bugfest) to access that POL for receiving. It seems like the Orders app treats the POL as a Begins or Contains search, but Receiving only treats it as a Begins or Exact search

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      Kay Granskog

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