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Remove duplicate 001s > "Missing subfield" error appears when user tries to save MARC bib record in Derive window



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      Overview: "Missing a subfield value for a MARC tag" error appears when user tries to save new MARC bib record in "Derive" window.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Snapshot FOLIO environment as User with following permissions:
        Inventory: All permissions
        quickMARC: Derive new MARC bibliographic record
        quickMARC: View, edit MARC bibliographic record
      2. Go to "Inventory" app
      3. Find and open in third pane any "Instance" record with source "MARC"
      4. Click on the "Actions" >> "Derive new MARC bibliographic record"
      5. Click on the "Save & close" button.

      Expected Results: "MARC Bib" record successfully created.
      Actual Results: Error toast notification is displayed with following message: "Missing a subfield value for a MARC tag".

      Additional Information: See attached screencast: UIQM-448_issue.webm
      You can use marc bib record from the attachments.
      Interested parties: kgambrell 

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          1. MARC_Bib_600(Kafka_hotkey_test).mrc
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          7. UIQM-448_create_bib_add_001.mp4
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          8. UIQM-448_create_bib.mp4
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          9. UIQM-448_create_holdings_add_001.mp4
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          10. UIQM-448_create_holdings.mp4
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          11. UIQM-448_derive_linked_bib.mp4
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          12. UIQM-448_derive_then_edit_bib.mp4
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          13. UIQM-448_edit_auth_add_001.mp4
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          16. UIQM-448_issue_ss.png
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          17. UIQM-448_issue.webm
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