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Plugin crashes on list generation when it is used on different pages



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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Open Action Profiles page
      2. Open any ActionProfile in edit mode
      3. Use Select Profile button to call a plugin for any of Mapping Profile or Job Profiles associated lists
      4. Close the form and go to Mapping Profiles
      5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any Mapping Profile (open it in edit mode and click Select Profile button).

      Possible root causes and initial presumptions:

      1. It happens when firstly opened plugin instance contains list of Profiles with simplier fields structure than the next one on the other page. Job Profile has minimal number of fields that is common for all Profiles. Action Profile has 3 own fields at the top of this.
      2. It seems like the plugin starts to re-render with new columns definitions while the new data (that matches new field structure) has not been loaded.
      3. This doesn't happen when the user opens simple than more complex profile plugins from the same page.
      4. It seems like plugin tries to reuse its instance from the previous page somehow (which is wrong).

      Needs discussion with the John C and Aliaksei, and may involve changes in their components.

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