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Filters should match those in ui-inventory (Instance segment. Copying existing filters)



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      Note: Originally this was reported as a bug. However, the search plugin is working now, but could use an update. I have converted this to a story.

      Overview: The ui-plugin-find-instance is missing the segmented controlled search and filtering options, as implemented in Inventory as of Honeysuckle. Ideally this plugin provides a consistent experience. This ticket is about copying the Instance segment (search and filter options).

      Use cases:
      1. Given user is selecting an instance in Orders
      When creating a POL
      Then the search plugin has the same filtering options as the inventory search interface

      2. Given user is selecting an instance in Inventory
      When linking preceding/succeeding titles
      Then the search plugin has the same filtering options as the inventory search interface


      1. Story
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin
        • Go to Inventory, select any instance record in edit mode
        • which you want to connect with a preceding title by using the ui-plugin-find-instance modal (click the + icon)
        • When in the Instance look up modal
        • Then select the Instance segment, and use search options, and filtering as they are presently displayed in Inventory, the Instance segment.

      See UX mock-up:

      TestRail: Results


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