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The pagination buttons are missing when the user changes the scale of the screen.



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      Overview: The pagination buttons are missing in the "Select MARC authority" modal when the user changes the scale of the screen.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Spitfire rancher FOLIO environment ( https://folio-dev-spitfire-diku.ci.folio.org/ ) as User with the following permissions:
        Inventory: All permissions
        MARC Authority: View MARC authority record
        quickMARC: Can Link/unlink authority records to bib records
        quickMARC: View, edit MARC bibliographic record
      2. Open the "Select MARC authority" modal (by clicking on the link icon in the editing window of "MARC Bib" record)
      3. Execute search for "MARC Authority" records, which will return more than 1 page with results (use "*" search query).
      4. Scroll down to the pagination buttons.
      5. Change the scale of browser tab with displayed the "Select MARC authority" modal up to 150%.
      6. Scroll down to the end of the result list and check if the pagination buttons are still visible.

      Expected Results: The pagination buttons are still visible. 
      Actual Results: The pagination buttons are cut-off by the edge of the modal.
      Additional Information: See attached screencast and screenshot.
      Note: This issue could be reproduced with different screen resolutions. Use for testing 1920х1080 with 100% scale (see screenshot).
      Interested parties: Denys Bohdan , kgambrell 

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