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      To work well within ui-plugin-eusage reports, the plugin for finding eresources will need several enhancements:
      1. Display of overlay instead of trigger. At present, the plugin does not display the list of eresources to select from, but a trigger element that you can click on to pop that list up. But in the way we display this, we have already clicked on an element in a dropdown menu, so we want the list immediately. (See UIPER-9)
      2. Immediate display. Because it takes some time for the list of available resources to load, intitial display of the popup can be slow. In the context of the match edtior, this makes the click on Edit seem like it's no-opping. So instead, we need an option to have the list overlap appear immediately with a loading element. (See UIPER-11)
      3. Initial filter. For our present purposes we always need to turn on the Is package filter. We need to be able to invoke the plugin in such a way that that is the default.
      4. Settable heading. The heading at present is always just "Select e-resource", but we need to be able to set a more explicit heading such as "Select e-resource for Journal of African Development".

      (It seems that ui-plugin-find-eresource does not have its own Jira issue, which is why I have filed this issue under the present project.)

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