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Fast add template. The generic error message is not useful for a user, when creation is failing caused by non unique barcode



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      Overview: When using the Fast add template in Inventory, Check out or Courses, then the circulation staff can risk to enter a barcode which are in use on a different item (and therefore not an unique barcode, as required by the system). In this situation the fast add template creates an instance and holding, but not the item. The system should pass an error message explaining, why the item was not created, and what the user should do to fix it.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO Snapshot as User Diku_Admin
      2. Go to Check out/Inventory/Couses and click the Actions bottom
      3. Select New fast add record
      4. Fill in the Fast add template
      5. In the Item accordion, then add an existing barcode, e.g. 10101
      6. Click 'Save and close'

      Expected Results:
      The fast add record is not saved. Instead there should be the exact same behavior as when adding an item record, with a non unique Item barcode. That means a clear indication, that this data is causing an error - so a red frame around the entry box with the exclamation mark icon - and right under the item barcode entry box then displaying in red text following error message:
      "This barcode has already been taken".

      Similar as this has been implemented, when creating an item barcode, and using a non unique barcode:

      Actual Results:
      The error message says: "Saving Inventory records fails", and does not state, why creation of the given fast add records (instance, holdings, item) is failing.

      Additional Information:
      Interested parties: enettifee provided this video from the Honeysuckle environment

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