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Vendor/Organization app | View Detail Record | Interface > password display



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      1. Go to Organization app
      2. Go to an Organization record that has Interface password value
      3. Notice that on View Organization record that the Interface password is in plain text

      Expected outcome: Interface password should be masked AND if user has permission to view password then display a Show button
      AND ensure that the backend does not return the password on the UI so that a user can View the source code to view the password

      Acceptance Criteria
      Given I am on a View Organization record
      When I view an Organization record that contains interface password value(s)
      Then I should not see any password(s) in plain text by default

      Given I am on a View Organization record
      When I view the source code
      Then I should not see any interface password(s) in plain text in the source code

      Given I am on a View Organization record
      AND an interface password displays encrypted masked
      When I click the Show button next to the interface password
      Then display the password in plain text.

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