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Deleting a contact person assigned to multiple orgs creates UI error




      Overview: Delete Contact Included on Multiple Records


      Steps to reproduce:

      If you delete a contact that is shared on multiple records it will create an error on the other Organization records. The record you delete it from functions fine, but on all other records when you try to expand the Contact people section in editing, it produces a "Something went wrong" error. I don't see any way to fix this, so I think the record would have to be deleted and recreated.


      Expected Results: Contact person accordion on other organization records can still be viewed but that contact person does not appear on them. Display error does not occur. When tested, the contact person deleted from Organization A still appears as a contact for Organizations B and C. If I delete the contact completely, then the contact no longer shows on the records for Orgs B and C, but in its place, there's a notation of Removed contact. See attached screenshot. Fine for now, since no error message appears. Revise in the future if necessary

      Actual Results: UI produces a "Something went wrong" error and the organization cannot be updated

      Additional Information:
      URL: https://foliotest.testrail.io/index.php?/tests/view/664521

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