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Organizations alternate address label in org view not showing correctly




      Overview: This may be two separate issues


      Display issue: Alternate Address Label Problem:

      The alternate address label is not showing up correctly, in it's place it says, "stripes-smart-components.address.alternate". I tried changing the primary address and this label still shows up in place of alternate when there is another address. It only seems to be a problem with addresses. The phone numbers, urls, and email addresses do not have the same issue. See attached photo (Alternate Address Label). Also, this is more of a design thing, but I noticed that the State/Prov./Region label runs off the chart.

      Input issue: EDI Scheduling Time: (moved to UIORGS-236)

      For some reason, when I go back in to edit the EDI scheduling time it changes from what it was originally set to. I haven't really figured out why this is happening or why it chooses the specific time it does. In screenshot, "EDI Time Originally Set" you can see that the time originally selected was 1:37 PM. When I go in to the record to edit it, "EDI Time Editing," it has changed to 8:37 PM. This doesn't impact what I see when viewing the record. I can cancel or edit other fields and the time is still 1:37 PM. Maybe it has to do with time conversions?

      Expected Results: Non-primary address blocks should have a label of "Alternate address"

      Actual Results: Non-primary address blocks display a label of "stripes-smart-components.address.alternate"

      Additional Information:
      URL: example https://bugfest-iris.folio.ebsco.com/organizations/view/89389574-cab1-3118-b56e-4fd8f5b62b47?status=Active


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