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Cancel creating an order or order line from instance record



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      Purpose: The FOLIO system support the possibility to create orders in other modules then the Order app, in order for institutions to work efficiently. This story is about creating of an order from Inventory, and more specific the instance record.

      Use case:
      There are multiple request for a given instance record, and as an acquisition manager, I decide to buy an extra copy/copies, to get the request queue, and the patrons waiting time down.


      1. Cancel from PO
        • Given the New order form in the Order app is displayed
        • When user clicks cancel
        • Then order IS NOT created
        • AND user is taken back to inventory instance view
      2. Cancel from POL
        • Given the New order line form in the Order app is displayed
        • When user clicks cancel
        • Then order line IS NOT created
        • AND user is taken to PO view in order app

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          2. Cancelling POL creation for existing order as exp.mp4
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          3. Cancelling POL creation for new order as exp.mp4
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            Nina Chistova
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