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Saving an order template can fail without a visible message



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      Overview: (Converted from a BUG)

      After the upgrade from Juniper to Kiwi, a new field was added to order templates. If a user tries to edit an old template and save it, saving fails without any message. To understand what is happening, you have to open the "PO line details" accordion and see that the new "receiving workflow" field is required.

      When required fields are missing on save, the relevant accordions should automatically open so that the user can see what is missing. Alternatively, there could be an error message listing the missing fields.

      Note: we want to make sure it is possible to save an order template with any combination of fields. This way the user will not get stuck trying to save a template but not knowing why it will not save.


      1. Given user
        • Given user is creating order template
        • When user has added an optional field set
        • Then none of those fields are required
          • Product ID
          • Note
          • Volume
          • Vendor reference number
          • Contributor

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create or edit an order template
      2. Add product ID
      3. Do not add any values to the inputs
      4. Close the accordion Item details accordion
      5. Try to save

      Expected Results:

      Something should let the user know what is wrong or the fields should not be required.

      Actual Results:

      Nothing visible is happening. Template will not save

      Additional Information:
      Interested parties:

      Michigan State University

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