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When searching order lines any term with 2 spaces will not resolve



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      I have an issue involving the handling of multiple spaces in a title during search in the Order apps.  We stumbled upon this in our (Five Colleges) Juniper Sandbox while working on a fake serial record and I tested it in Kiwi Bugfest to confirm it was over there too.  Our fake record turned out to have two spaces between a word and we were having trouble bringing it up in a POL title search.
      Inventory search displays the resulting record with single spaces separating the words.  Also, when I search the Title (all) index, I can include as many spaces between words as I want (while using quotes or not).  Flexible, and it doesn't matter if there are extra spaces in the underlying Instance or in the typed search.
      In Orders, the POL title search result list also doesn't display the underlying duplicate space (just like Inventory).  However, the search needs to be specific to what is found in the title field within the Instance.  If I included the two spaces between "spaces" and "in", I get the POL but if I leave it out, I don't match the POL.
      I think the ideal situation would be for Orders to have a flexible search similar to what we have in Kiwi Inventory.  What are your thoughts?  Worthy of a small bug ticket?  [Also, my apologies for the wall of text!]

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Create an instance with a 2 word title that has 2 spaces between the words
      3. Create an order for that instance
      4. Search POL for the title with only one space between the words

      Expected Results: POL is displayed in search results

      Actual Results: No result are found for search

      Additional Information:
      URL: https://bugfest-kiwi.folio.ebsco.com/orders/lines?limit=50&offset=0&query=Yellowstone%20%20Wolves%3A%20Science
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