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Fiscal year rollover amount not shown on POL after rollover



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      Overview:  After FY rollover the cost of orders becomes confusing when the encumbered value has changed by any amount. Users should be able to see and edit this amount so they can easily adjust the cost and encumbered value of orders in succeeding fiscal years


      1. Scenario:
        • Given library is in fiscal year 2 or later
        • When viewing an order with a fyroAdjusmtentAmount > 0
        • Then this amount is displayed in Cost section of POL with label "Rollover adjustment"
      2. Scenario: 
        • Given user is editing POL cost
        • When fyroAdjustmentAmount is > 0
        • Then once user changes any of the cost details the fyroAdjustmentAmount is cleared.
      3. Scenario: 
        • Given user is editing POL cost
        • When fyroAdjustmentAmount is displays on edit form
        • Then information icon appears beside the label
      4. Scenario: 
        • Given user is editing POL and fyroAdjustmentAmount is displays on edit form
        • When clicking information icon
        • Then following message appears
          • "This value was added during rollover to balance the order cost with your desired encumbrance for the new year. If you edit the cost this value will be eliminated, and the encumbered value will be updated based on the new Estimated Price."

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Create an order
      3. Create POL for $50
      4. Open order
      5. Pay 25 dollars against order by processing an invoice against it
      6. Create a fiscal year 2 for your ledger
      7. Rollover allocations and rollover encumbrances based on remaining for all order types
      8. Navigate back to POL
      9. Click edit POL

      Expected Results: POL cost shows the "fyroAdjusmentAmount" so user can edit it

      Actual Results: unit cost reads $50 but estimated cost shows $25. Editing cost never results in the costs shown equaling the estimated cost of the order line. User is confused, why does it not add up.

      Additional Information: We must expose this value to the user in the POL cost accordion and allow them to clear it.
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