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Update Print order from HTML template



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      Purpose: Current print template can be quite long and includes some data that is not critical for sharing orders

      User story statement(s):

      As a user,
      I want to be able to print an order
      so that i can share order information via mail or email


      1. Scenario:
        • Given user is printing an order
        • When browser print modal is displayed and print layout preview is shown
        • Then the layout AND fields shown match the mockup attached here
      2. Scenario: 
        • Given user is printing an order
        • When there is NO data for a specific column in the table
        • Then that column IS NOT printed. Ie. if there is no electronic quantity for any of the POLs the printed order should not have an empty column for electronic quantity
      3. Scenario: 
        • Given the user wants to print order
        • When user clicks print in action menu
        • Then "Print settings" modal DOES NOT show
        • AND user is taken directly to browser print modal

      Note: For Fund we ONLY display a fund code. For Product ID we display a number and qualifier

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