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POL: Adjust the UI for account number to also display the account name



    • ACQ Sprint 112
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    • Thunderjet
    • R1 2021 Bug Fix
    • MI State University/Library of Michigan


      Purpose: When creating a POL, a user may need to specify the vendor account number that the order should be placed on. Currently, the user only sees a dropdown list of account numbers (see POL-Account info-CE-Current.png and POL-Account info-V-Current.png attached). If there are many account numbers, then it is hard to figure out which is the correct one. In the Organizations record, each account number also has an account name (see Orgs-Account Info.PNG attached). This story adds the account name to the POL Create/Edit and View screens.

      As a staff person creating orders
      I want to see the account name as well as the account number
      So that I can assign the correct account number without memorizing all of them


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Purchase order line Create/Edit screen
        • When viewing the dropdown list for the Account number field in the Vendor accordion
        • Then include the Account name in addition to the Account number, formatted as Account name (Account number), as shown in POL-Account info-CE-Updated.png attached
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the Purchase order line View detail screen
        • When viewing the Account number field in the Vendor accordion
        • Then change the label to Account number
        • And display the [Account name] ([Account number]), as shown in POL-Account info-V-Updated.png, attached
        • NOTE: this does not change the data that is stored in the POL schema, which is only the account number

      See attached mockups

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