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PO save errors when trying to use some of the sample order templates



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      How to reproduce:

      1. Go to folio-snapshot and log on with diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Orders/Templates and check that the 5 sample templates are there
      3. Go to Orders app
      4. Try to create a new PO with each of the 5 templates. For some of them, you may need to fill in required data like vendor or Renewal interval/Renewal date
      5. Save POL

      Expected: As long as I have filled in all required fields after assigning a template, the PO should be successfully saved

      Actual: I can save the PO when using the Amazon book orders and Our dissertations templates. I cannot save POs created with the other 3 templates, even when the required fields are filled in. And the error message is not clear on what is blocking the Save/Create.

      See attached video

      WAIT - I think I figured it out!
      For the middle 3 templates, there is an acq unit of main, but diku_admin user was not part of the main acq unit. When I delete the blank acq unit or when I add diku_admin user to the main acq unit, I can save the PO. So.... to fix this could we either:
      1. Add diku_admin as a user in the main acq unit of the sample data
      2. Remove the acq unit data from the 3 sample templates
      3. Have the error message say something about invalid or missing acq unit, or user is not part of the templated acq unit, or something like that?

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