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Create filter options for Claim details



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      Overview: Until the PO/POL search results can be displayed in a hierarchical view, we will show the PO and POL search results separately. Users need the ability to search and filter orders by a number of different field values. This will help them find exactly what they are looking for and what they should be working with.

      There is a column in this Google sheet marked "Filter on This?" (column I) which identifies the fields that should appear as filter options. There is a tab for each App so you will need to navigate to the "Order" tab in this sheet for order fields. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F88PoSnEKD7oFnza1ZuOgzAgKnK95XOyTQzxyww3tZA/edit#gid=1408113181

      Acceptance criteria;

        • Given the Orders app landing page
        • When a user wants to filter within POLs (the purchase order line toggle is highlighted)
        • Then they should see the following additional options in the filters area, in this order (existing filters also included, marked in red)
          • Receipt status
          • Payment status
          • Acquisition method
          • Location
          • Fund code
          • Order format
          • Material type, electronic
          • Material type, physical
          • Date created (by date range)
          • Vendor (name followed by code in parentheses)
          • Source
          • Collection (yes/no)
          • Rush (yes/no)
          • Access provider
          • Activated (yes/no)
          • Expected activation date (by date range)
          • Trial (yes/no)
          • Subscription from (by date range)
          • Subscription to (by date range)
          • Actual receipt date (field label = receipt date, by date range)
          • Expected receipt date (by date range)
          • Receipt due (by date range)
          • Claim (yes/no)
          • Claim grace (by date range)
          • Claim sent (by date range)

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