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Deleted pieces appear when trying to check in



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      Overview: After deleting a pending piece, it disappears from the list (good), but appears in the pop-up when I click the Check-in button. It's almost like the deleted piece is staying marked somehow behind-the-scenes. Also, marking/unmarking the other remaining pieces is glitchy after I've deleted a piece.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-testing as diku_admin
      2. Create an ongoing order with a POL that requires checkin
      3. Open the order
      4. Begin the checkin process for the POL by creating a few pending pieces
      5. Delete one of the pending pieces
      6. Then try to mark/checkin any of the other pending pieces

      Expected Results: Mark/Unmark should work normally. I should be able to check in any of the existing pending pieces. I should not see any previously-deleted pending pieces.

      Actual Results: The deleted piece appeared when I tried to check in the other pieces. Also, it was hard to mark/unmark the individual pieces. I had to click the "mark all" box at the top of the list, then click it again to unmark them all, then click the individual piece I wanted to check in.

      Additional Information: See attached video

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