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Revise the Order Lines search results list columns



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      Overview: When search results display for POL searches and filters, this story describes what columns and data should appear


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Orders app landing page
        • When a user searches or filters for POLs
        • Then the results pane should include the following columns:
          • POL number
          • Updated date [not the time, just the date]
          • Title
          • Product ID [if multiple product IDs for one POL, separate them by comma [space], e,g. 12345, ddyuwe87435, 873265jdsdhagh]
          • Vendor reference number
          • Fund code [if multiple fund codes for one POL, separate them by comma [space], e.g. AMHIST, POSWEEP]
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the POL search results list
        • When a user views the POL search results
        • Then the user should be able to sort the results list ascending and descending by clicking on these column headers:
          • POL number
          • Updated date
          • Title
          • Vendor reference number
          • NOTE: Since you cannot sort by Product ID or fund code, the up/down arrow should not appear next to those column headers; if it appears, it looks like the sort is broken; see UIOR-292 for fix
        • And the default sort order should be descending by POL number (numerics descending, then alphas descending)
      3. Scenario 3
        • Given the POL search results list
        • When a user clicks a result in the POL search result list
        • Turn that result dark grey and
        • Open the detail view pane of that POL
        • And include an arrow at top left of the pane that allows the user to navigate to the PO summary view (navigation to PO moved to UIOR-289, using POL header caret)
      4. Scenario 4
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

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