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Receiving: Receive items from a PO Line quantity



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      Purpose: Users need to be able to receive a quantity of items that have been ordered on a PO Line so that they can keep track of whether or not they have received everything they ordered.

      Receive Item

      • The "Receive" button appears on "Open" orders and invoices - See UIREC-1
      • Receiving Pane should be populated by the PO Line(s) information associated with the Purchase Order or Invoice from which the user is accessing the Receiving Pane
      • There will be a row in the table for each PO Line
      • The physical or electronic unit quantity for any PO Line must be greater than 1 in order to receive items

      Update Item Details

      • A row will appear in the table for each unit of quantity being received
      • The Barcode, Location, and item status will be retrieved from inventory for each item displayed (UIREC-13)
      • Update inventory record with any changes to Barcode, Location, and item status. (UIREC-13)

      User Interactions:
      Receive Item - See screenshot

      • Review the information in the table
      • Indicate a number of units you will be receiving for each item
      • Click receive once at least 1 receipt quantity has been indicated
      • User could click "Receive All" to receive all remaining quantities
      • Once user has Clicked one of the above they should arrive at the "Update Item Details"

      Update Item Details - See screenshot

      • User will scan or type in a barcode for each item
      • User will verify or change location details
      • User will verify or change Item Status (Default should be "Received")
      • User must click "Receive" button in the top right to confirm and dismiss receiving pane

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