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Checkin: Check-in Pieces for a Purchase Order Line



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      Purpose: Users need to be able to Checkin items that have been ordered on a PO Line so that they can keep track of whether or not they have received everything they ordered.

      Note: A PO Line should allow for multiple titles (IF it is for a package) to be associated with it through Checkin (Add Title) - This will be necessary to accommodate the existence of "Container records" in inventory once they have been implemented and the ability to create a "Container" through PO Line, see UXPROD-1105.

      • Objects in inventory will be created at the point of "Checkin Record" (Piece) creation and they will be updated at the point of Checkin for each Piece


      Scenario 1:
      Checkin Piece - See screenshot

      • Given a user has added "Piece(s)" for existing title to the Checkin area
      • When the user selects one or more of the pieces from the table using the associated select box(s)
      • Then the user can click the "Check-in" button
      • And user will be intercepted by the Item Details Wizard
        see screenshot

      Scenario 2:
      Item Details Wizard

      • Given the user will be intercepted by the "Item Details Wizard" modal.
      • When the user is viewing pieces
      • Then they can update barcode, Location, and item status. (This area will also display the "Receiving Note", "PO Line Number" and POL Format from the PO Line)
      • And this will update inventory record (If linked to an inventory/item record) when clicking receive
        see screenshot

      Scenario 3:
      Given the user is viewing pieces in wizard
      And ready to complete check-in
      When user deselects any piece using associated select box before clicking final check-in
      Then that piece is unchanged keeping status of Expected
      And no updates are made to linked records

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