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Piece Details Wizard: Final review in modal and click receive



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      Purpose: To provide a mechanism for the user to confirm details and be made aware of errors that occur when updating records during receiving.

      Scenario 1:

      • Given the user has added details to all relevant pieces for related POLs
      • When the user clicks "Next" button for the last time
      • Then user should see the "Review Details" in modal
        see screenshot

      Scenario 2:

      • Given the user is happy with the details being displayed
      • When they click Receive
      • Then the user should be taken to "Receiving History"
        See UIREC-15 for info on Receiving History pane

      Scenario 3:

      • Given the user is looking at the Review step in the Wizard
      • And is NOT happy with the details being displayed for one POL
      • And they deselect the associated checkbox for that line
      • When the user clicks Receive
      • Then all other details will be submitted
      • And the detail associated with that line will not be submitted
      • And no changes will be made to the piece or its related records

      Scenario 4:

      • Given the user is NOT happy with the details being displayed
      • When they click Previous
      • Then the user should be taken back to the last POL details in modal

      Note: we may be able to leverage components used in loans functionality - see screenshot for details

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