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Receiving: Receiving items pane logic and update table columns



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      Purpose: Users need to be able to receive a quantity of items that have been ordered on a PO/PO Line so that they can keep track of whether or not they have received everything they ordered. User should see expected items in the receiving pane and received items in the receiving history pane.


      Scenario 1:

      • Given I have a purchase order
      • And all POLs on it have "Checkin items" does NOT equal true
      • And 1 or more pieces are still "piece status" = expected for all POLs
      • When I click on Receive button
      • And I'm taken to the receiving items pane
      • Then I see all POLs listed in the table

      Scenario 2:

      • Given I click on Receive Button for PO or POL
      • When I see the Receiving Items table
      • Then it should include Select boxes for each line of the table
      • And POLine Number
      • And Title
      • And Received quantity
      • And Date Ordered
      • And Receiving Note
      • And Receipt Status

      Scenario 3:

      • Given I want to receive items for one of these PO Lines
      • When I select the checkbox for that row
      • And click Receive
      • Then I should start the Receive Pieces workflow
        Note: The ensuing fuctionality will be covered by UIREC-17

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